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Vdosoft, an internationally registered trademark, was founded in August 2002. Vdosoft is strongly involved in the research, design,manufacturing and development of advanced video technology systems and solutions for local and global markets.

Our solutions, designed and developed for mission critical applications offer a perfect blend between processing power, ease of use and cost of ownership. Backed by innovative video, digital and engineering expertise, Vdosoft has attained recognition as leading R&D company.

A brand name that is recognized internationally and an established company, Vdosoft is focused on enabling the convergence of digital video, digital audio and cost-effective data transmission for a broad range of industries. 

Our reputation founded on our dedication to develop innovative video technology and solutions has given us the edge to provide solutions to clients from leading industries such as gaming and entertainment, property development, manufacturing, ports (sea and air), retail and government

Trust in our expertise for the right choice

"See the people around you and analyze their needs. Build things that will help them and in return, help you. No invention is significant, if it is limited to a selected few"

- P Deiveendran

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